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Why The Collegian Needs FundingToday, more than ever, the future of The Collegian, its legacy and its ability to prepare students for post-graduation work is at risk. As the field of journalism continues to rapidly evolve, today’s staffers are in need of advanced technology, equipment, and software to support a best-in-class experience that lives up to The Collegian’s longstanding reputation.

Unfortunately, The Collegian’s annual budget has not evolved as rapidly as the technology we need to maintain our designation as one of the top collegiate newspapers in the country. Staffers are continually challenged by limited resources, forcing them to utilize their own personal equipment, lower-quality free web-based software, and borrowed tools. Without a seamless approach to sustaining advanced technology, we are unable to provide consistent tools, training, and real-world experiences to today’s staffers.

Additional funding—through donations from Collegian alumni and friends—will provide staffers with access to the tools and software they need to deliver high-quality content in the digital age.

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